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Our ITSSAR-Accredited Courses and forklift training are designed in line with industry standards, ensuring your team gains recognised qualifications. If you’re seeking a more bespoke approach, our courses offer you the flexibility of conducting training on your premises. Should you have specific requirements for our instructor, please let us know at the booking time.  

Our forklift training courses are designed to optimise productivity and efficiency whilst providing substantial cost savings. All courses are customised to your specific equipment and operational environment. We offer a practical, hands-on learning experience to ensure your workforce is properly trained for compliance, skills and efficiency. 

With AxiSafety, forklift training is more than a certification—it’s a commitment to safety and a boost to productivity.

Courses available for Novice, Experience Operator, Safety Refresher or Conversion.

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It is a legal requirement to provide training for your employees. We work hard to help you build a competent workforce that can safely and skillfully carry out their responsibilities. We provide on-site training for most of Northern Ireland. Your course will be carefully guided and run by a professional and experienced instructor who have trained 1000+ operators so you can be confident that your staff is in capable hands.  

Our Courses

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Counterbalance Forklift

A counterbalance truck is the most common type of forklift used in various settings. These versatile vehicles can be configured as three- or four-wheel trucks. Numerous attachments can be employed to assist your employees with their daily tasks, enhancing efficiency and adaptability in handling diverse materials and operating conditions. The training for operating these trucks is crucial to ensure safety and proficiency, covering aspects such as maneuvering in tight spaces, understanding stability principles, and utilizing the different attachments effectively. Proper training also emphasizes routine maintenance checks and adherence to safety regulations, which are essential for preventing accidents and prolonging the lifespan of the equipment.

Reach Truck

To save expensive floor space , more companies utilize racking systems in their warehouses. Reach trucks are more maneuverable in aisles than counterbalance forklifts, aiding in lifting loads on racking system.

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

We offer comprehensive training services designed to equip your staff with the knowledge and practical skills to operate EOT Cranes safely and efficiently.

Our course content is not just focused on the ‘how’, but also the ‘why’, ensuring that each trainee understands the underlying principles of crane operation. It covers everything from basic controls to attachments, including vital safety regulations.

Under the guidance of our experienced and certified instructor, your operators will gain hands-on experience, learning to navigate potential hazards and handle emergency situations with confidence.

Rough Terrain Telescopic Forklift

Telescopic Handlers are adaptable vehicles that may be used both inside and outside to lift, move and position goods safely using an array of attachments that are adapted to the work the operator is performing, such as bricks, gravel or pallets. Due to its strength and versatility, this truck is very common at construction sites.

Multidirectional Forklift

Designed for efficient navigation in confined spaces, both indoors and outdoors, a multi-directional truck, also known as a ‘Combi’ truck, offers the flexibility to manage long and challenging cargoes in all movement directions

VNA Truck

In order to efficiently load and unload pallets in small aisles Very Narrow Aisle trucks have been developed. Very Narrow Aisle trucks come in two varieties: Man Up and Man Down. When using a Man Up, the operator moves up and down with the forks, whereas when using a Man Down, the operator remains on the ground as the forks load and unload.

Order Picker

An order picker allows the operator to be lifted with the load to manually handle individual items, making it ideal for managing smaller goods or picking specific items for an order from various heights. 

Pivot Steer

In the trade, pivot steerer trucks are frequently referred to as “Flexi” or “Bendi” trucks. With its strength, this truck can manoeuvre through narrow aisles and swing its mast at a 90-degree angle on either side to securely load pallets into racking systems.

Powered Pallet Trucks / LLOP / Stackers

Designed for maneuverability, electric stackers are an ideal choice for tighter spaces and narrower aisles compared to traditional forklifts. Their compact size is perfect for operations within confined areas. Battery-powered electric stackers can be charged and replaced as necessary. To help prevent material from toppling over, they may include side stabilisers. Some electric stackers come with stand on platforms, extendable reach and other functions.

Boom Lift

A boom lift, also known as a cherry picker, man lift, or aerial lift, is a type of aerial work platform that provides temporary access to inaccessible areas at height. These are often used in construction, maintenance, warehouse, or inventory tasks, and anywhere else a ladder isn’t sufficient or safe enough for the task.

The key feature of a boom lift is its hydraulic arm, or ‘boom,’ which is capable of extending and manoeuvring in multiple directions. At the end of the boom, there’s a platform or bucket in which a worker can stand and be lifted to work at different heights. The worker controls the boom lift from the bucket, allowing precise positioning.

Scissor Lift

A scissor lift is a type of aerial work platform that provides access to high or hard-to-reach areas, mainly used in construction, maintenance, and warehousing tasks. Characterised by its crisscross, scissor-like mechanism, it can extend vertically, offering a stable platform for workers and their tools. It’s typically electric or diesel-powered, and its compact design allows for usage in both indoor and outdoor environments, depending on the specific model.